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  • Many people know OJB, Jezreel as a singer, many more know he is a producer, but only few persons know him as this. Foremost, permit me to down the memory lane. Not too long ago, a certain young boy was scared his parents would never allow him to sing; of course we all know that is Nigeria most parents wants his/her child to be a Doctor, Lawyer or Accountant. He was confused and was at a point where OJB Jezreel is the most influential (music) person he knows (of course he is still one of the most influential). With his scouting insights, his ability to discern talents and his humility (that is the best part to him); he sees it has no problem to approach the parents of this young lad already convinced he has the ability to thrive in the music industry. He prostrated and explained to his parents why they should allow the young Ayodeji Balogun to sing. This is part of the story of Wizkid! Of course he grew up under the tutelage of OJB right there in Surulere and I was surprised to see him sign for EME. The rest is history!
     Jigga is obviously Nigeria’s best producer. Wait! I am writing, you are reading, don't argue! OJB produced Faze2Faze album, Tuface first album, the turning point for the whole Nigerian Music Industry. Of course there is still no song that has enjoyed the success of AFRICAN QUEEN till date. He not only served Tuface producer, he was his tutor and mentor. I can't deny the fact that OJB Jezreel is a very brilliant singer too. “Searching” of course is one of the best tracks to have been produced in this country. Although, due to the fact that he isn't part of the new age music industry personnel, he often enjoy less media attention, or maybe that is what he wants.
    I know of hundreds of superstars who cannot do without OJB, but let us just limit it to the fact that he brought up two of the top 5 music talents in Nigeria, in person of Tuface and Wizkid. Nobody else in this country can boast of such feat and this is a course for us all to think.
    In USA, the like of Frankie J, Brandy Norwood, and even Akon, has left music and music production for Talent discovery! Sincerely speaking Nigeria truly lack true talent scouts and we depend on the general acceptance before any record label can sign any artiste,  this is a killer for many up and coming acts who truly owns the talent but possess no financial muscle to promote their song to the required level. Nicki Minaj was signed to YMCMB when Lil wayne saw her rapping on a staircase, Omarion was signed in a Strip Club. No one expects similar conditions but how many virtually unknown artistes have being signed on major recorded labels? This speaks much about our talent hunt system.
    I am not here to criticize but to point out the rightful use of OJB’s talents at the moment. It is best if this man OJB Jezreel is helped by other stakeholders who believe in the music industry to help grown future stars. To see Joke Silva (with all due respect) or any other actress judge a music talent hunt when the likes of OJB are not consulted is obviously not the best way to build judge the talents. In Fact, to allow Tiwi Savage (with all due respect to her talent) judge any talent hunt show ahead of the likes of OJB is unfair. Why is he a veteran? I think this is the next step to taken to ensure we repeatedly produce world class artists from this country, and of course that will be a major boost to both the music industry and the economy at large.
    He sees them, he knows them, he can develop them.

    AFRICAN MAN (@africanman12)

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