“I Am Not A s*x Symbol” -TiwaSavage

Beautiful Songstress, Tiwa Savage in an
interview talks about her humble
beginning and why she waited so long
to release her debut album.
But one of the most
buzzed about headlines is Tiwa's response to
being a s*x symbol. "If you ask my family, I
am not like that. I am a laid-back person",
she tells the publication.
Tiwa didn't shy away from speaking on her
fiancé. She spoke on why she wrote a song
for him "You know the culture here. If you're
not married and just focus on your career,
people would start asking questions. He
understood my journey; he was able to push
me career-wise and he encourages me a lot.
So, I had to do a song for him."
On why it took 2 years to drop her debut
album – This album is from my heart and it's
something that I worked so long for. A lot of
people wondered why it took so long and
that's because we had to go through a lot of
legal processes to clear some of the samples
that we used and that took months. Also, we
wanted to work with some notable producers
like Warren 'Oak' Felder who worked with
Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. So, we had to work
round their schedules and that's why it took
so long.
This is an album that I don't want to be the
usual Nigerian album with patchy tracks from
beginning to end. I want it to have a
On competition with female singers –
Why should I be scared of competition? Like I
said on stage, you have Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,
Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and they're all female
artistes and they're all big stars in the US.
Why should it be only one person that will be
known for quality music among female
singers in Nigeria? I am actually glad that
more female artistes are coming up.
On fond memories of Isale Eko days –
Growing up, I was like a tomboy. Back then, I
didn't care about make-up or bags or shoes, I
was very free. I had a very healthy
My parents made sure I was really grounded.
I had loving brothers and I remember playing
around all the time when I was a kid.
On what stardom has changed about
her – I was a little more out-going but I am
now a bit more reserved. Some people like
saying they haven't changed a bit when they
start making more money, but that's a lie. I
think you change because you're more wary.
You want to be careful and trust less easily.
I think people around me have changed too.
They expect more. I'm under a microscope
always. I might make a normal mistake but it
will get blown up because it's Tiwa Savage.
So, I am more wary of what I do and say in
public than I was before.

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