Sad! Some of the 224 victims who died in the Russian plane crash (Photos)

Egyptian security forces confirmed there have been no survivors despite 'hearing voices' inside the wrecked fuselage of a Russian passenger jet which crashed into the Sinai desert in northern Egypt as the bodies of 100 victims have been recovered.

The aircraft, which had 200 adult passengers, 17 children and seven crew crashed less than 25 minutes after it took off from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. The bodies of all 17 children on board have been recovered

According to DailyMail,the Irish-owned aircraft was leased by a Russian airline. It crashed in the Hassana area, south of Arish. Security forces discovered the crash wreckage in a remote mountainous area in a region containing many ISIS-affiliated terrorists...

Ayman al-Mugadem of the Aviation Incidents Committee said the pilot warned air traffic controllers that aircraft had developed 'a technical problem' and he needed to land as soon as possible.

According to radar data, the aircraft was descending at more than 6,000 feet per minute shortly before the impact.
Adel Mahgoub, chairman of the state company that runs Egypt's civilian airports, said the plane had successfully undergone technical checks at Sharm el-Sheikh's airport before taking off.

He said experts were going there to view security camera footage of the Metrojet plane at the airport.

The aircraft was leased by Kogalymavia. Airline spokeswoman Oxana Golovina said the airline's pilot Valery Nemov had more than 12,000 hours of flying experience.

She said: 

'Our aircraft was in full working order, our crew was experienced, our pilot had a great deal of flying experience, so we don't know (what caused the crash).'They stressed that human error was not at fault for the crash.  

However, the RIA Novosti news agency said that the pilot's had expressed concerns about one of the aircraft's engines.

A source told the agency:
 'This board (crew) had several times requested help from technical services due to an engine not starting up several times this week
Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his own team of experts to the crash site to determine the cause of the disaster. He has also declared a day of national mourning. He has already sent five aircraft to Egypt to assist with the investigation.