If She Ask For Huge Amount, Put Her Through This Test

The mentality of naija girls now is that a guy must become their meal ticket. Once they finally say yes to his toastings, they start dumping responsibilities in tune of huge amounts on the guy's head even when they know he's not capable of sorting such.

When you find yourself in that kind of situation, put her through this test:

Let's say she wants you to buy a Samsung phone worth 50k for her. When she comes to your place uttering such demand, tell her you will give her the money right away but on one condition- she has to call her father on phone and place it on loud speaker in your presence.

Tell her to tell her father that she wants him to buy her a phone. Listen to the man's reaction. If the old man is not in tune with the latest gadgets going on in today's world, he might agree to get her one.

If the man agrees to buy her a phone thinking it's a Nokia 3310 she wants, tell her to tell him the price which is 50k. The man's reaction will most definitely startle you to laughter grin. He will definitely get angry at such demand and make his point clear that he can't afford to spend on such frivolity except he's dangote. He might even tell her to remember the humble background she's from. grin

What's the point of the test?

Why should she dump that kind of responsibility on a struggling guy like you, a responsibility that a mature and salary earner his afraid of bagging?

You will be silly to foot such bill if you do not have huge savings in an account. Don't you even have a mother, a sister or a relative to lavish on? These are the people who will always remember you for such gesture, not some silly girl who thinks 50k grows on trees. That 50k might be bigger than the amount her father collects as pension from the government. Yet, she wants you to spend it on a phone that will run out of trend when the new model drops. With the rate of unemployment in the country, graduates are willing to kill to get a job that pays 30k. Yet, some undergraduate is spending way more than that just to impress a girl who is probably already eyeing another guy.

Try to apply wisdom in ever thing you do. Stop accepting responsibilities their fathers can't shoulder. The worst is that their demands are silly material things of no real value. Accepting such stupidity is one of the reasons why some guys never make it in life.

I know some female readers on this thread might be like... "lamentations of a broke dude".

Guess what? Your father is also a broke dude if you can't call him on phone to tell him to buy you a phone worth 50k.

Pick up the phone and call your father now


some people on this thread who couldn't stomach the point have resorted to saying such a guy should go meet his mother for sex when he is Hot. I wonder why a sane person would suggest that.

When a guy needs sex, he can get it from his girlfriend. This doesn't give her the right to lay unnecessary heavy bills on him. Remember, he is also giving her sex. Well, except she is a prostitute, she doesn't have any right to use sex as a means to an end.