SEE The 20 MOST ADORABLE Celebrity Kids Of Nollywood | Photos

I have a weakness for adorable kids -- especially celebrity kids. I could stare at them all day and never get bore. And while we agree that ALL kids are adorable, we got to admit that some kids are more adorable than the others.

In Nigeria, we are blessed with a surge of celebrities who like to share photos of their tots with fans especially on social media. God bless them! In short, I think, those celebrities who aren't fond of flaunting their kids are wary because they aren't as cute as the others...ok, just kidding. But seriously, what is there to loose?:-):-)

We could make a list of 100 adorable celebrity kids in Nollywood but we rounded up 20 which we believe are the most adorable of them all. Is your favourite celebrity kid on here???

  • 1) Ace Ogbonna

Having an handsome Nigerian (actor Ik Ogbonna) for a father and a beautiful Colombian (Sonia Lareinaa Ogbona) for a mother, you're bound to come out beautiful and fabulous...and 1-year-old Ace Ogbonna didn't disappoint us.

  • 2) Caroline and Musa Danjuma's kids
Billionaire business man, Musa Danjuma may not be the best of husband, but Caroline Danjuma will forever be grateful that he came her way. Aside the robust bank account and the luxurious lifestyle, her kids look like a million dollars. Looking at the couple there is no denying the kids got their good looks from their mother....but what is good looks without money?

  • 3) Nino Idibia

With Innocent (2face) Idibia for a father and Sunmbo Ajaba for a mother, 10-year-old Nino Idibia is a chip off the old block. The super cute son of a super cute dad has all the makings of a fine music star. Nino has an equally cute younger brother named Zino.

  • 4) Isabel and Olivia Idibia.

The years Annie Idibia spent tolerating 2face's excesses didn't go down the pan. Aside the amazing fact that he ended up marrying her -- Isabel, 7, and her 2-year-old sister Olivia are something to crow about. Also called Ene, the lil cutie is a formidable intellect who's already doing her parents proud. Need we mention that Isabel has a perfect British accent? Not forgetting that Olivia recently bagged two awards for ballerina dancing. Oh, how adorable it is to watch them take over their mom's Snapchat.

  • 5) Jermanie

Toyin Lawani is making sure that her son inherit her fashion sense. At two, Jermanie is not just a fashionista but he's already learning to be a fashion designer just like his famous mom.

  • 6) Emma Okoye

With an ex-beauty Queen for a mom, Emma Okoye is one of the most adorable celebrity kids in Nigeria. The 3-year-old daughter of Jude and Ify Okoye is awesomeness personified.

  • 7) E-money Kids

With luxury at their beck and call, E-money kids can never go unnoticed. We can't help but trip whenever we spot them matching one of those their expensive outfits with their Billionaire dad. It just too cute to look.

  • 8) Tamara

Monalisa Chinda's first marriage may not have worked out, but it created an adorable daughter. Tamara is all shades of cuteness. And at 6, she's already a knockout.

  • 9) Imade Adaleke

Davido can drag Sophie and her uncle Dele Momodu all he wants, there is no denying that she gave him an adorable daughter, who seem to be growing cuter by the day.

  • 10) Josh Iniyezo

Josh is so cute that when his father, Joshua Iniyezo popularly known as Solid Star, first unveiled him, fans doubted he was his real father. They dragged him so hard, he had to post a DNA test result to prove he indeed fathered the boy. Ugly dudes can have cute kids too, you know.:-):-)

  • 11) Gabrielle and Sophie N'abania

Some of you haven't stopped scathing Flavour for impregnating two ex-beauty Queens. But take a look at his daughters - Gabrielle (Sandra Okagbue's) and Sophie (Anna Ebiere's) and you will understand why the dude is crazy about ex-beauty Queens -- they make the cutest babies.:-):-)

  • 12) Juwon Gentry

Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry's son is a prince charming in the making. He is just as cute as his older sister, Michelle.

  • 13) Cameron and Aliona Okoye

These two are a perfect combination of their parents with perfect little cheeks and happy smiles. 7-year-old Cameron and 3-year-old Aliona are the cute offspring of Peter and Lola Okoye.

  • 14) Andre Okoye

The next generation of Okoyes would be serious better keep your daughters away. Anita and her hubby Paul of Psquare such make a cute son!

  • 15) Maxwell Linus

Black is beautiful and so is Stephanie Linus' son, Maxwell. Although it's been months since we saw a new pic of him, we have no doubt that Maxwell is growing into a bunch of cuteness.

  • 16) Chamberline

I am always struck dumb whenever I stumble on a pic of Chamberline, actress Angela Okorie's only son. The 5-year-old isn't just cute and adorable, he's one hell of a fashion kid. Mom must be spending so much to make him look so good.

  • 17) Mike Maduka

Borne February 3, 2015, actress Uchenna Nnanna's son, Mike is perfection.

  • 18) Tamara Faani

Always playing dress up with mom, 2-year-old Tamara is about to become a big sis as her mom, Chacha Eke Faani is pregnant. We are hoping her younger sibling will be as cute as she is or even cuter.

  • 19) Jayden Yobo
When I said ex-beauty Queens make the cutest babies, I wasn't mincing words. Adaeze Yobo has two kids with renowned footballer Joseph and the last child is twice as cute as the first!

  • 20) Jamal Zamani

We don't get to see photos of Ice Prince Zamani's 2-year-old son everyday. But the young 'cool cat' never fails to leave us in double-tapping frenzy whenever he shows his face on our feeds.
Who among these do you think should be named the most adorable celebrity kid of Nollywood???