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  • 4 escape death as car rams into building in Lagos
  • Four people have escaped death after an over speeding vehicle lost control and smashed into a shop at College Road, Aruna B\Stop in Lagos. The vehicle which was coming from Yaya-Abatan lost control at the corner ramming into a shop beside APC Ifako Ijaye office, injuring a shoe maker and a passerby. Fortunately the woman in the shop did not sustain any injury with her baby.
    The incident occurred around 11am on Wednesday, involving Honda Accord motor with registration number SMK-971EJ. The driver did not sustain any injury too. The shoe maker was fatally injured while the passerby suffered one leg dislocation.
    The victims were quickly taken to Ifako Ijaye General hospital with the help of the men Nigeria Police from Iju division who arrived at the scene.
    An eyewitness who did not disclose his name to our correspondent said the driver was over speeding and lost it at the spot.
    He said:
    "I was so lucky because I was at that actual spot and I saw him coming on high speed and quickly moved back and before I know it, two people were on the floor.
    "He mounted the Mallam who was doing shoe shinning here and the other woman who was passing by. The Mallam was bleeding all over his mouth and head, " he added. An elderly man who was also at the scene said. 
    "The speed was too much. He was coming from Yaya-Abatan. "This is the recklessness we are talking about, this man needs to be punished and I hope he doesn't go freely without been punished. 
    "This spot is known for accident because of the corner, two weeks ago accident happened here around this time. When the road is free, they will be speeding anyhow", he said.
    A police representative, Osawe Macmillan who spoke with Nigeria Politics Online correspondent said they came to the scene of the accident as part of their duties and to help the affected persons. Macmillan further said his team has involved the authorities in charge of the area and the DPO of Iju station.
    According to him:
    "The man was on high speed. People don't obey the traffic laws,  there is speed limit but people won't obey it. "I have informed my DPO,  the senior officer and the divisional traffic officer in charge are on their way too."

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