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  • Police kill a plumber, dump his body in morgue for two years
  • Late Adegoke, a plumbing engineer, reportedly left where he had gone to work for a family around Wuse area of Abuja on Thursday, August 27, 2015, heading for his Soka home along Airport road, when the unexpected happened.
    Crime Guard gathered that while driving home, policemen at Area 1 shopping complex, flagged his vehicle down but he refused to stop, an action that allegedly led to the policemen releasing bullets on the moving vehicle. One of the bullets was said to have hit Adegoke in the neck, thereby forcing the car to stop abruptly:

    Narrating  how news of his demise was eventually broken, devastated Oluwatosin said :“The last time I spoke with my husband was on August 25th 2015, during which he told me he would be coming to see us at the end of the month. I called again on 27th but the phone was busy. By the time I dialled his number on August 28, 2015, it was completely switched off. “Tension heightened after his mechanic said that my husband brought one of his cars two weeks before then, to his workshop for repairs but he had not seen him since then. I begged him to go to his house to check if he was sick. When he got there, he said that his doors were under lock and keys. “At that point, we resorted to prayers until two months later when the mechanic called to inform me that my husband was sick and was admitted at the hospital. He requested for telephone number of any of his male relatives and I gave him that of his elder brother. My fears were confirmed as I was asked to come to Abuja, only to be told that my husband was shot by some policemen. My world came crashing at that point. We were taken to the FCT command, Gariki , where a policeman who claimed to be the Investigating Police Officer, IPO, told us to visit the mortuary to identify my husband. I went with our first son, Jesuloba, but I could not go inside the mortuary. Our son went inside and identified one of the bodies as my husband's";
    Adegoke's body is still in a morgue in Abuja. His widow stated that the Police simply told her to go and pick the body for burial. In tears, she told Crime Guard that she had no money to pay the mortuary bill, let alone to transport the corpse to Lagos for burial. of She stated
    “When we went back to the command to know what the next move was, the IPO simply told us to go and carry the body for burial. I was too shocked to react. They did not even show us the policeman that fired the shot that snuffed life out of my husband. All they said was that my husband refused to stop when he was ordered to. Is that enough to kill a man?” she asked.
     Since the tragic incident occurred, life has never been the same for Adegoke’s widow who has been saddled with the responsibility of fending for their five children alone. The pang of the bread winner’s death seems to be having a harsh toll on the children as two of the them could not complete their third term in secondary education, following inability of their mother to pay the fees.

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