See one of the victims of Kogi tanker fire incident

Kogi tanker fire
One of the victims of Kogi tanker fire incident that claimed 11 lives have been identified as Chinedu David Emeyazia. Chinedu was among the many who got burnt to death in a horrible multiple accident, in Lokoja last weekend.
Friends of the deceased have already taken to Facebook to write tributes to him.

Engr Lorenzo wrote;
‘Still trying to make my head believe it’s not true. JCI Chancellor Chinedu David Emeyazia, a young man with full of life, but the ungodly accident (Explosion) could not allow that even as you fought to make it but failed ( Country where there is no effective emergency response). I will cry no more because you’re gone and not even the tears of everyone in this life can bring you back. All i can do is to pray that God grant you eternal rest and forgive your sin. Life is a sickness which only death can cure. R.I.P. my JCI friend and brother. ‘
Kogi tanker fire
Chizzyejims wrote;
‘JC Chinedu David Emeyazia
Lord have mercy on ur soul
I can’t remember d last time I saw tears out of eyes
Ur death just made me cry like a baby
U even fought death With d pains but d pains couldn’t allow u..
A jovial friend dat understands a lot
I can’t continue writing bcs u ain’t seeing it..
Bro farewell, sleep well bro.
JCI loves u
I heart u bro…
Kogi tanker fire
Oge Ugochukwu wrote;
‘Lord since he had to sit this way, you could have kept him alive, Oooh, Death where is thy sting? After all the struggles we passed through in school, yet you took away a wonderful, nice guy with great vision?
#May the Soul of Chinedu David Emeyazia and the souls of other faithful departed through the Mercy of God, continue to rest in Peace.Amen
#Goodnight friend 
#Goodnight my one time JCI President, we love you, but God loves you the most’

Kogi tanker fire
Kogi tanker fire Kogi tanker fire Kogi tanker fire