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  • Actress Oma Nnadi explains why she slammed follower who begged for N5,000
  • Following the call-out posts the ensued, after it was reported that she slammed a follower who begged her for N5,000, Nollywood actress, Oma Nnadi has revealed why she slammed her follower.

    Oma Nnadi
    According to her, the owner of the account is not a lady but a guy who scams people with the account. Here’s what she wrote;
    “First, the owner of the account is NOT a girl. Its just a fake IG scam account run by a guy. Unfortunately, he has deleted the IG account, so his previous messages will disappear with him to reappear with a new IG account and continue from where he stopped. Everyone is cursin, swearin and inflicting sickness upon my enemies as its definitely Not me. Peeps pls chill. Its totally wrong to curse, swear or abuse anyone the way you’ll are doing without knowing d reason that is. I am human. I’m sori Fans, i  yo’ll & addressing this cos of U,family&friends. First, majority of u do not know me but all i can say is, if there is anything as “kind hearted”i am certainly one of em.
    I will never abuse anyone asking me for help. as long as its genuine. I am not saying this for people to like me or have pity, No, but because, its certainly not my personality. I wake up to lots of messages with people asking for clothes, money,jewelry &. I’m also not saying it’s a bad thing at alI but when its done to mock you as social media has paved way for4 fake people, then it’s BAD. I’ve been duped on IG more than twice.
    After i sent to some1, D next day, he used another account to ask again. I found out tru d whatsapp line& i was blocked. Some1 asked i buy her a & i responded i can’t afford it & she replied me wit curses later i found out d account is fake. I think d people here that have called me all sorts even wished my enemies cancer, poverty or surgery, really?, i have nothing but love for you’ll. As for the fame comment, if a particular account bombards you daily on your dm for a different reason & later appears on your page asking for 5k, worrisit? thing i will say is, if only you know, You will treat this differently. Nothing happens without a reason. Stop judging. Stay blessed.”
    Oma Nnadi

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