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  • #EndSARS: Man narrates his ordeal with Lagos policeman who checks people’s phones at Iyana Ira
  • Joining the #EndSARS movement, a Nigerian man has shared his story with a Lagos Policeman he identified as Edosa Friday, who checks people’s phones at Iyana Ira area of Lagos.

    Lagos policeman
    According to him, he had a new encounter with the policeman shortly after his ordeal with the police 3weeks ago. Here’s what he wrote;
    “Just yesterday I posted my ordeal with the police 3weeks ago, little did I know I was about to get dazed today.
    A police man approached me at Iyana ira this morning while I was heading home, asked if he could know me, I asked for his id, he flashed it too fast but I was able to get the name luckily “Edosa Friday”, so I told him what he needed to know and he asked for my fone but I refused, he let me go. Just as I was standing at the bus stop I saw him stop a small shuttle told the guy to come down, asked questions and started searching his phone..I made a video of him tho.
    I took a small shuttle at the bus stop, usually carries 2 passengers in front I paid for 2 to seat alone, the shuttle left, just before we got to agbara, in a sparsely walked area, a shuttle with 4police men (3 on uniforms one on casual) crossed us told the driver to park asked me to get down, he asked for my name, I asked to see his ID card he brought it out but won’t show it to me, and immediately asked for my phone, I refused, and that was when I knew police is my enemy.
    I was technically been hit and rough handled and forced to get into their shuttle, they were protecting the names on their uniforms so I don’t get to pick the name, I still managed to see one “badamose oseni” if my memory is still correct, I tried getting the plate number of their shuttle but they knew what they were doing, they won’t let me, Enter the shuttle to where I said, to the station one of them said, for what? that I’m either a fraudster, a cultist or a kidnapper for not showing them my fone.
    I told them to allow me go with them in my own shuttle that the shuttle they came with isn’t a police vehicle that I don’t think I’m safe in there considering I’ve already been hit, 3 of the police where armed and pointed at me all these while. I knew it was Edosa Friday that told them to come after me and they had to stop me where people barely walked. They disagreed and I eventually got into their shuttle that was when they started getting series of slaps for not complying earlier. Got to the station, 3 police men on uniforms took off their shirts and were ready to beat me up if I still refused, (continued on screenshot)”Lagos policeman
    Lagos policeman

    Lagos policeman
    Here’s a video below;

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