‘I don’t care if people think Juliet Ibrahim is older or has more money’ – Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim 
In a new interview, Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim’s  so-in-love boyfriend, Iceberg Slim disclosed that he doesn’t care about side comments on his girlfriend being older or richer than him.

According to the U.S born Nigerian rapper who shared a slideshow of his photos with the actress on his Instagram page, those comments won’t faze them because they know what they saw in each other.

“We are actually the same age and she is not taller than me, except when she wears shoes with high heels. I don’t care if people think she is older than me or she has more money. A relationship is shared between the two people involved in it so if anybody has anything to say about our relationship, they should feel free, but it does not faze us. I mean, even Jesus Christ was criticised, so who are we? Anybody can say anything about us because, at the end of the day, everybody has freedom of speech. Whatever they say does not faze us because we know what we saw in each other.”
Iceberg Slim also disclosed how he met Juliet Ibrahim in his interview with Punch;
“I met Juliet Ibrahim in Durban, South Africa about a year and a half ago. We exchanged contacts and became friends. Our friendship later grew into an amorous affair and at the end of the day, we just became a happy couple. The fact that we did not make our relationship a secret by posting our loved-up pictures online is because we are being ourselves. We chose not to follow the African mentality that you must keep your relationship secret because of the society or media. We are enjoying ourselves and getting to know each other as a couple. There is no reason why I should hide her; she is celebrating me because I love her and I am doing the same as well. This is not something we should hide.”