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  • ‘I Regret Coming To Australia’; Mother Of 6 Says As She Considers Going Back To Africa
  • A Sudanese single mother says she is considering moving back to Africa because she cannot control her teenage sons, one of which is in jail. Asha Awur, 36,  who earlier this month made headlines for her comments about her Centrelink payment not being ‘enough’ to raise her six children on, told Daily Mail Australia her eldest son, who was just two years old when the family arrived as refugees from war-torn Sudan, had gone off the rails at a young age.

    Now he is behind bars and his younger brother is beginning to act out.
    Ms Awur and her children do not have any extended family members in Australia, and the two men who fathered the family are no longer on the scene.
    The Brisbane woman believes being surrounded by family and a solid community, like the one available to her children in Africa, will instill responsibility and confidence in the youngsters, who will return as better people.
    ‘Back home, you have relatives by your side, they can help you. A lot of people prefer to come back,’ she said.
    ‘I regret coming to Australia. ‘When we came, I thought it was going to be heaven, but when our children go astray, it’s not something to be proud of.’
    Ms Awur said her eldest son was an ‘angry’ boy due to a troubled relationship with his father, who left the family home when her son was 11, and was bullied when he started school because his skin was dark.
    At about 15 years old, he dropped out of school and began spending time with a group of other young people headed down the wrong path. He has been arrested twice and is now in jail.

    The Brisbane woman said many of the mothers in her community struggled with their teenage sons, who were often disobedient and eager to get out on their own.
    ‘They don’t listen when we say what you have to do. Instead they hang out with friends who tell them to “chill out”,’ she explained.
    ‘They talk online to meet somewhere, and we mums we don’t know what they’re doing out there.
    ‘[Their anti-social behaviour] is a big shame to the Sudanese communities – we have enough problems where we came from, we don’t want any more problems.’

    Culled from Daily Mail

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