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  • Man Wedded 3 Women in a Day Because He Couldn’t Afford The Extravagant Wedding Cost

  • A 50-year-old Muslim man, Mohammed Ssemanda, has made history all over Africa when he got married to three women at the same time last month in Uganda to save cost on wedding ceremony.
    Ssemanda, who is a food vendor in the town of Katabi, shocked a lot of people when he showed up at the local parish with 3 women, all dressed in white wedding gowns and ready to be joined to their husband.
    He told reporters on the scene that his wives all know that he isn’t doing very well financially, but they all agreed to marry him out of love. He also added that the women are not in any way envious of one another and they all trust him that he is ready to work harder to support them.
    “My wives are not jealous against each other. Good enough, each has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them,” He says

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