3 Ways To Maintain A Healthier Sex Life With Your Female Partner

Many females have been reported to have poor sexual experiences. It is a common issue and also a major cause of marital disharmony.

Some females genuinely have a medical condition, Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). These category of women may need further medical care.

Sex plays a major role in our day-to-day interpersonal relationship with our partners. It is said that a healthy sex life helps keep the immune system optimal, lowers blood pressure and also readily counts as exercise.

If you are looking to improve and maintain your sexual experiences with your female partner, there are certain things you must consider.

Keep her Relaxed

Boosting a woman’s sexual interest can be achieved be simply helping her relax. Women are generally very busy with a billion and one things on their minds. Studies have suggested that some females go as far as carrying out mental tasks while having sex.

Don’t attempt to lure her to bed using the phase “Sex will make your relaxed”, this would only further stress her and make her lose interest.

Instead of making direct advances at your partner, try to engage her verbally. Talk to her about her day, help out with the dishes, move the laundry to the washing machine. Most importantly ask her how you can be of help.

Help her take her mind off chores and overwhelming responsibilities. Pay her compliments, commend her efforts often.

Be creative; offer her a full body massage, play soothing jazz music in the background, light up scented candles, purchase a bunch red roses.

If you can successfully help reduce her stress levels, she would generally feel more loved and appreciated. Hence, she would be better placed in a mood for sexual adventures.

Take it Slow

Men are generally spontaneous; they find it relatively easy to flow through the entire phase of sexual gratification. Women on the other hand need more stimulation; they need more time to “warm up”.

Don’t just walk up to her and head first for her erogenous areas (breast, butt). You need to set the phase very slowly, start-up with warm conversations, use flirt words, tickle her, and hold her by the waist.

For some, being spontaneous sex works just fine but the timing must be perfect. You have to be completely sure she isn’t in any particularly provocative mood; this could jeopardize the entire operation.

Just because you enjoy random and spontaneous sex doesn’t mean you can always initiate it.  Hence, it is always safer to start slow, work her emotions up slow and steady.

Be compassionate, always lookout for her facial reactions and bodily gestures. Know when to back off. Don’t force it.

Talk about sex
Many individuals shy away from conversations regarding sex. Many people just don’t feel confident enough to talk about sex. This doesn’t come as a surprise in our cultural setting. Sex is often lifted up as a taboo. Many females grow up scared and timid as regarding the subject, sex.

A lot of progress can be re-markedly made by just talking about sex;

Ask her questions concerning her sexual desires
Ask about her sexual fantasies
Does she enjoy sex?
What are her turn offs?
What turns her turn on?
Her favorite positions

Don’t just assume you know her, women are complex and uniquely wired beings. Hence, always remember that every woman differs from the next.

Take the questions slow, one at time, don’t just rush over the questions, let them flow naturally, pay attention, ask question and also share your thoughts and opinions.

There are many other ways to impact a woman’s sexual desire. However, focusing on reducing stress, creating a slow build up to sex and sexual conversations are methods you can count on. And always remember, practice makes perfect.