Fela Durotoye addresses Social Media Reactions of him Running for President

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Motivational speaker Fela Durotoye has responded to the reactions to news of him running for president in 2019.

Durotoye had last week announced that he’s joined a political party Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

While he neither confirmed nor denied speculations of him running for president in 2019, most had taken the news as a confirmation.

The internet had been abuzz with supporters and critics, some professing that they’d vote for him, with others complaining that he lacked the required experience.

Durotoye, on his Instagram, wrote that the conversations people are having are exactly what he hoped they would.

It is not enough to be young, to “deliver the future,” he wrote, but one must be young and strong.

What is lacking in political experience, he continued, must be made up for in demonstrated leadership capacity. He wrote:

YESSS!!!! This is the energy i have been wanting to see.

These are the conversations I have hoped that young Nigerians will have.
The understanding that it is not enough to just be ‘young’ to #DeliverTheFuture. We must be YOUNG & STRONG … and what we may lack in political experience must be compensated by evidence of demonstrated leadership capacity.

I have gotten so much feedback over the last few days accross multiple platforms and I hear the people demand more out of leadership regardless of who they are.

The people do not only want to know Who, but WHAT will be done and HOW.

So … YES!!! … Keep holding leadership or aspiring leadership to these standards and let the answers they (we) give guide your choice!

That’s how we will birth the New Nigeria.
Enjoy your great week ahead. #RunningForANewNigeria