5 Defunct Nigerian Music Groups We’d Like To See Reunite To Headline Their Own Concerts

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We know that we are not the only ones that are more than super excited for the Mo’hits reunion set to take place later this year. As we prepare for the ultimate throwback concert, we started thinking about which other groups we would like to see in concert.

Here are five groups from back in the day that we’d like to see in concert.

5. Styl-Plus

Anyone who watched Styl-Plus perform at Afropolitan Vibes earlier this month would definitely agree that this show is a must. The boy band has a setlist that is sure to take us all on a trip down memory lane and that is something that we will always be here for.

4. Plantashun Boiz

Yes, we realize that this is a longshot but we can dream, can’t we? The nostalgic high that would come with a Plantashun Boiz reunion is definitely the stuff that dreams are made of.


TY Bello revealed in recent times that music has been calling so we can only hope that she picks up the phone. What would be cooler than her picking up the call? Her picking up the call with her KUSH members. It would definitely recreate one of the memorable moments in Nigerian music this year.

2. P-Square


This concert may not be as far off as many of you may think. The boys of P-Square have come back together for the sake of their fans in the past and history has a funny way of repeating itself. It might not be this year, but we hope that one day in the near future, these two brothers will share the stage together again.

1. Bracket

Today’s Instagram and wavy kids may not know who or what a ‘Bracket’ is but for those of us that know, how cool would it be to be in a concert hall belting ‘Yori Yori’ at the very top of your lungs? Nwachukwu and Obumneme, if you are reading this, come back and gives us a taste of the good ol’ days. Thank you.