5 Ghanaian Musicians Who Need Fashion And Style Lessons

The Ghana music industry is known to be one of the industries with glitz and glamour. Many Ghana musicians literally kill when it comes to fashion and style. But happenings in recent times clearly show that not all of our music artists are on point when it comes to their sense of fashion. Toribaze GH Media brings you a list of Ghanaian musicians who probably need serious lessons when it comes to fashion and style.

1. Patapaa:

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Patapaa’s fashion style has always been ‘some way’ but it was much highlighted at the recently held 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs). Opting to go away from his usual way of dressing, Patapaa was spotted in a suit. But his suit was so big that it got him trolled on social media.

2: Kuami Eugene:

Kuami Eugene may be a gem of musical talent but he does not seem to have a very high sense of fashion. In the last couple of months, social media users have had cause to question his style of dressing. In February, he was mocked by fans for wearing a faded t-shirt to the one-week observance of Ebony Reigns. Just recently, he came up again for mocking for allegedly wearing a jacket belonging to his label mate, KiDi. Though he debunked the rumors with a photo of him and KiDi wearing the same suit, it was obvious that followers regarded Kuami Eugene very little when it comes to fashion. It must, however, be noted that his appearance on the VGMAs red carpet a vast improvement on his previous styles though not exceptional.

3. King Promise:

King Promise has until now not raised any red flags about his sense of fashion. But his appearance on stage during the 2018 VGMAs brought him on the list. His big sneakers described by some social media users as ‘Camboo’ opened him up to a lot of mockeries. Though his footwear is said to cost around $800, social media users least amused. The style is not always about price. And prior to the VGMAs, he had come up in reports for wearing a trouser which literally revealed the size of his manhood. All these are clear signs that he needs some tutoring as with regards to fashion.

4. Sista Afia:

Ordinarily, Sista Afia would not come up for criticism about fashion because she is not known to have been mocked for her sense of fashion. But the truth she is not one to look up to if you are searching for a fashion role model. Though she often sports very decent brands, she is not that stylish and it showed when she wore a yellow dress with blonde hair to the VGMAs. She looked quite raw.

5. Eno Barony:

Eno is a top-notch rapper who is highly regarded by the likes of Sarkodie and others. Her rap lines are undoubtedly on point.
But same cannot be said of her dressing sense. Yes, as a rapper, she is expected to dress more like a street person. But on the few occasions that she has had to show us some glamour, she has woefully failed at it. Her appearance on the VGMAs red carpet is a clear example but it is about time that she brought more style to her game. There are many female rappers who still kill when it comes to fashion. Nicki Minaj comes to mind here.

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