“Get A Partner That Offer You Values, It Is Not About Money”- Facebook User

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Many relationships today are centered on sex, money, good food, beauty, Trips and lots, however, relationships should be more than that. An ardent Facebook user, Olumide Glowville posted on his timeline about what should be looked out for in a relationship. In his post he pointed out that sex, food, trips and beauty are the basics of a relationship. He said relationship is an exchange of values, your partner ought to motivate you, impart something positive in your life, give you inner peace, gives you something extraordinary and uncommon.

He writes:

Until your partner offers something more than the basics – Sex, money, movie dates, getaways – your relationship hasn’t exactly started!

I had this discussion with a colleague at work today, and this struck me.

A relationship is an exchange of value, not an exchange of basics.

So you are getting the best sex in the world; many other people can and will do that, if given a chance. That’s basic!

He is taking you on vacations and giving you the expensive things; so many rich guys will do the same on a higher scale, if they get a chance. It’s basic.

She cooks great meals, so what? A lot of women can cook better. He helps in the kitchen, great! But there are many guys who can do that as well. That’s basic too.

Most of the things we fawn about and pay more attention to in relationships are basic. We tend to undermine the more important things that require our attention.

Things like, does he/she motivate you to get better? Do they influence your life positively? Do they go out of their way to help you? Do they stand up for you anywhere? Do they protect you?

Most people are in a relationship where they enjoy things they can already do for themselves.

If your partner can’t talk sense to you, call a friend to help you when you need it, give you inner peace, freedom to aspire or just impact value into your life, you don’t have a serious relationship. You are just playmates!

Get you a partner that can offer something more than ordinary, something quite uncommon.

Sex, food, trips, and others are nice, but they aren’t invaluable, are they?