Why most creams in Nigeria don’t work on Nigerian Skin

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By the time you finish reading this post, you are going to understand the missing link why Nigeria women struggle with the cream they used and how you can finally escape from that challenge.


As an Expert in this field who have help and train over 1000 women on how they can look good and avoid wasting money on expensive cream that do not work. I have gathered these facts to share with you base on my experience over the years.


These things are very simple but we over looked them.


I want you to pay attention to these below;


  1. EXFOLIATING: When we exfoliate, its take off dead skin cells, renew it and open up the pores for proper penetration of your skin care products.


The question is;


Do you exfoliate ?

If you do what are you using ?

Is it good for your skin ?

Do you know that exfoliation has a procedure ?



  1. DETOXIFICATION: This has to do with the internal body system, it means purifying from within. If your internal body is dirty, Most cream will struggle to work.


There are simple ways to detox, Lets me share two with you.


A. Take a spoon of lime and honey add it into warm water and drink 2/3times a week.


B. Chew one pawpaw seed after meal ( go for one of the methods).


  1. IMPATIENT: Changing products often is not the best. Please always give your products time to work before assuming is fake or does not work, good products will not perform magic, it is a gradual process.


  1. SUN EXPOSURE: I know in Nigeria that is almost impossible to avoid sun but let’s try and avoid this, it damages the skin.Use sun shade to avoid under eye cycles & add sunscreen to your cream


  1. LACK OF KNOWLEGDE : This is most important of all them.The truth is most people do not know how to take care of their skin. 8 out of 10 women in Nigeria lack the right knowledge in taking care of your skin.


As an expert who have trained several top beauticians, I want to train you too.


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