Watch trending video of hijab-wearing Muslim student beaten in school toilet


A trending video of a hijab-wearing Muslim student beaten in a school toilet, has sparked outrage online.

The incident reportedly occurred at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh, and the trending video showed moment a white girl attacked the hijab-wearing Muslim student, hit her, her, pushed her into a toilet stall, threw her on the floor and continuously assaulted her.

The Muslim girl who kept screaming and tried pushing off her assaulter, was continuously beaten while someone filmed. @MuslimIQ who shared the video of the hijab-wearing Muslim student who was beaten, wrote;

A girl attacks a hijab wearing Muslim girl in the bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh
•Charges have been filed against the girl
•Hate crime charges are pending
•42% of American Muslim students report bullying for their faith.


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