Why You Should Blame APC South East Leaders For The Sadness Of Ndigbo – Akelicious | World News Coverage


Many have expressed sadness over the political exclusion of Ndigbo as witnessed yesterday at the inauguration of 9th national assembly.

Power they say is not given. Our leaders in APC are too weak. They are so laid back.  Their voice is hardly heard at the national level. They are too afraid to stand tall and demand for their rightful inclusion.

At the end of the APC southeast stakeholders meeting at Enugu on April 28, 2019 where they demanded for review if the zoning of the national assembly leadership, there was no follow up to that demand.

The southeast APC leaders are comfortable with the peanuts and crumbs they get from Abuja.

In politics, if you do not fight for inclusion, no one will include you. Our leaders in APC should step up their game.

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