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  • Coronavirus: Akwa Ibom bars public gathering and vehicles from other states
  • Coronavirus: Akwa Ibom bars public gathering and vehicles from other statesPublic gathering including burials and weddings have been banned in Akwa Ibom State following the COVID-19 Regulations, 2020 Governor Emmanuel Udom signed into law yesterday March 30.

    People from other Nigerian states have been barred from entering the state through land, air, or water and it is expected the new law will be enforced till April 30, 2020 or for such extended period as may be announced from time to time.

    Tricycles popularly known as Keke Napep have also been ordered not to carry more than two passengers. Mini-buses in the state were also directed to carry not more than one passenger in a row, while private vehicles are to carry not more than two persons at the back seat and one on the front.

    The new law states;

    “All public parks, shops, eateries, clubs, restaurants, markets and offices within the State shall remain closed except for the sale of foodstuffs, drugs and other essential commodities.
    “All public burials, public weddings, and other forms of public gatherings are for the time being hereby prohibited.
    “All places of religious worship, churches, and mosques shall strictly observe the social distancing prescription of a minimum of one metre spacing and not more than twenty persons per gathering. In addition, hand washing facility with running water, soap and sanitiser shall be made available.
    “Any person who knows or has reason to believe that he has symptoms of, or is suffering from the Coronavirus disease shall submit himself for quarantine and treatment” or be forced to do so by security and medical personnel.
    “The enforcement of this Regulations will be strictly carried out by the special enforcement team, headed by the State Commissioner of Police, comprising all the service commanders and relevant government officials."

    Akwa Ibom is yet to record any case of coronavirus in spite of the outbreak in the country.

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