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  • "High Tech Amotekun Has Silenced Killer Herdsmen" - Bishop Oyedepo
    *What you don’t despise, you don’t dominate!
    *High-Tech Amotekun have silenced Herdsmen killers.

    -Bishop David Oyedepo

    You so over exaggerate your enemy, that your faith just dies. You can never dominate anything you don't despise.

    You know this boko haram thing. Boko nonsense. When I curse them, calamities happen in their camp Sir. You're miyetti allah. miyetti allah what? Walk on my farm, you are dead. Don't try it

    Meat wetin what?
    My father didn't buy land from any fulanis, we gave them where to stay in the forest. There was no time a fulani man held a land to stay in my place, so how did it become his land? But they are silent now, they are in hiding, their counterparts have risen against them, you know "amotekun - they are not bow and arrow fighters, they are high tech fighters." As soon as they heard of them, speed, you mess up!!!

    Then we have prophets of our order, you mess up, you are finished. It will become history that herdsmen ever caused a rampage in Nigeria.
    I have lived there before, so I know everything about them. There is nothing, empty noise.

    The remainder of them called boko haram, miyetti allah is gone EXTINCT.

    Thank You Jesus.
    You know they hear me all the time when I am speaking. They are hearing me now and they are urinating in the trousers already. They are smelling already.
    This is not Nigeria of 1821. Praise God.

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