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  • Many people tend to run away from the blogging business because they feel it is very hard. They see the prospect of ranking on the search engine as something impossible.

    Well, as a start-up blogger, I'm positively saying I know how you feel. But you see, blogging, like every money-making venture, both online and offline, is difficult. However, other than that, the other problem is the lack of proper orientation. 

    So fellow start-up blogger, while I can't eliminate the basic daffily every man on earth goes through to survive, I can save you the pain of doing hundreds of things without recording any success in the blogging business. 

    Hence, I will give you the five most important things you should consider when going into the blogging business. 


    Below are seven essential factors you should consider when starting your blog (beginner)


    1. Creating a niche

    There are hundreds of niches you can explore as a blogger. However, ensure you choose one that you are very familiar with, and you can easily monetize. It is also important you stick by it as you can't be jumping from one niche to another. It is compulsory that you scan through very well, choose a niche that interests you, and make sure you have a good idea of monetizing it. Get a domain name that will be outstanding and also speak for your blog. Make sure to work around the main focus of your blog carefully. (Example; health, entertainment news, education, and many more)


    2. Be prepared to invest

    You see, every successful business requires some sacrifice and investment. This can be money or time, or effort. Or even the three together. Generally, in life, when it gets to what has to do with money, people tend to avoid it. The funny truth is that it is unavoidable. You'll have to create awareness for your blog, write articles regularly, pay for some technical services like hosting, domain name, and even SEO experts in special cases. Don't be scared, it's not too much and the joy there is if you know what you are doing, you'll surely make more than you invested.


    3. Know Your Audience

    As a blogger, you need to define the category of people you are writing to and ensure you have good knowledge of the subject. Don't stay here in Nigeria and be blogging about the US economy. Learn to focus on the things around you as that will give you more inspiration. Also, this will save you from getting overwhelmed within a short time.  


    4. Keyword research

    This is an important factor that most bloggers don't take note of. As a beginner, you should work on keywords that are not competitive. Do the work of an SEO manager (you can read more on that) by pinpointing the best keyword to use. For example, you definitely know Lindaikeji is bigger than your blog. You should not use the same keyword that they use, you'll agree with me that if I search that keyword on Google, their blog will show face 100 times before yours.


    5. Be Creative in your writing

    Either you are writing your blog content yourself or a freelance writer, make sure every content on your blog is captivating. Develop your writing such that it will not be boring while the viewers are reading. Make it standard that they'll always want to come back. If you have to rewrite people's content, go ahead, and do so. However, ensure you rewrite it in a way that it stands out so well that it gets more traffic than its source. 


    6. Be current

    Make sure you bombard your blog with relevant content that can stand the test of time. If you are running a news blog, please be sure you are up to date. Let the readers keep moving from one news to another. Try to develop a standard where your blog will come to my mind first by searching for any piece of information.


    7. Be patient

    You see, patience is essential in everything a man does. Blogging is not a quick get rich scheme. Give your blog the time to grow before you start thinking of cashing out of it. And ensure you set a realistic goal. Don't just wake up in the morning and think you will beat a blog like REPORTNAIJA in just a twinkle of an eye. No! you have to work for it… and it will take time. However, shorter than I might make you think, you will also start cashing out 





    Akinjare Akintayo Oluwatobiloba is an Undergraduate of Chemical engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University. He's an SEO writer and content writer who has worked with different blogs. He's a data analyst and also does some animation designs. He's a speaker who enlightens people about Know and little unknown fact. Follow him on Twitter @Hay_kay_tee and LinkedIn at the name above.

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