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  • Actor Gideon Okeke suffers emotional to quit acting

    Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke, has hinted that he may quit acting as he is currently suffering emotional breakdown.

    Speaking on his Instagram Stories, the Tinsel actor surprised his followers and fans as he said he is considering leaving the industry.

    Actor Gideon Okeke suffers emotional breakdown, to quit acting

    This comes after the actor lamented in an Instagram post the rate at which of actors are deprived royalties and residuals for their life’s work in Nigeria.

    Speaking further, Okeke admitted that he would be a fool to quit acting now but stressed further that he is really considering quitting.

    He also questioned the actors’ union/guild’s on rights of professionals as “most professionals are entitled to a Pension, Gratuity etc,” unlike actors.

    “Out her suffering an emotional breakdown, can’t eat, some sleep, I just want Ezra and Sophia and my wife… I wanna f**k out of this place right now and go home, I wanna quit, I wanna quit acting, but I’ll be a fool.

    “But like they say, you don’t watch the masquerade form one position, you watch the masquerade form different positions in the market place.

    “And now I’m really considering it, now I really am considering it.. for my kids and the next generation coming, selah.”

    See more comments from Okeke’s Instagram post below:

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