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  • “Having four children from four different women doesn’t make me a bad person” – Ubi Franklin

  • Ubi Franklin has berates people who think he is a bad person for having four children from four different women.

    According to Ubi, he might not be in the best relationship with his baby mamas but that doesn’t make him a bad person as most Nigerians think.

    Taking to Twitter to share some of his life lessons and experiences received in his 34 years of being on earth, Ubi wrote;

    “Received in my 34 years on earth. You can abuse me and call me all sort of names because I had them from four beautiful and brilliant women.

    “I might not have the best relationship with some of them, marriage crashed with one, this doesn’t make me a bad person.”

    Ubi said so many people always judge him because his a public figure and his life is always in the media, but most people who criticize him has done worst than him. But are not often heard or criticized because they are not popular.

    “Many have had abortions, had several boyfriends or girlfriends you don’t know about. You know about Mine because I am a public figure.

    This might be my own battle, what battle are you fighting or struggling with in private? Just always pray to God.” He continued.

    He also said he would have since taking his life if he did not have his children due to criticism and pressure. While sharing his experience, Ubi shared some of his children personalities, as he reveals his children likes and dislikes.

    “I would have since taken my life if I didn’t have these children.

    When you talk to Ariella at 15 months she loves food and when you don’t give her she warns you, very beautiful to watch her do that.

    Zaneta is a power ranger , she doesn’t like food, like her daddy, Jayden is a Daddy’s boy, he doesn’t like leaving when he comes to visit, he calls me by my name “ubi” and when he needs something he calls me daddy.

    Shiloh beautiful bow legs and cute eyes will get you addicted. This and many more I enjoy from fatherhood.”

    In his tweet, he appreciated his baby mamas for taking care of his children during his absence while thanking them for their efforts although they usually don’t agree on certain things.

    “I appreciate their mothers for the great work they are doing caring for them in my absence.We might not always agree on everything. Thank you for everything.

    “No amount to pressure will make me ever call any of You out on social media for people who have issues they don’t share to consume.

    “Hold tight and may God Bless and protect my children and their mothers. Amen.”


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