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  • Nigeria Police accused of photo-shopping this image of suspects

    The Nigeria Police force is currently trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons, after they were accused of photo-shopping an image of 2 suspects paraded with rifles.

    Nigeria Police accused of photo-shopping image of suspects

    After posting the photo on their official handle with the caption; “PhotoNews: L-R: Duleji Alhaji Abubakar a.k.a Ori jeje and Talatu Ibrahim from whom six (6) AK49 rifles were recovered” Nigerians were quick to detect the image is a photo-shopped one and called out the Police over the post.

    See reactions:

    *** Let it be known that the official twitter account of the Nigerian police force posted a photoshopped picture to misinform the general public.

    *** See our @PoliceNG feeding us with photoshoped images. I have said it, a governmemt that starts with propaganda cant be sustainable and will fail woefully.

    *** @PoliceNG  may your lies lead you into the hands of Boko Haram! This image was Photoshopped. Zoom the pictures and look at the man’s neck you’ll see clear cropping work and the white background (different from the wall)

    *** Our police now engages in Photoshop to amplify a non existent crusade against bandits

    *** Steady disgracing the force in a bid to proof to Nigerians you’re working. This is the highest low the force has resulted to

    *** Dear world,
    The official Twitter handle of our National Police Force posted a photoshopped picture to parade supposed criminals. Once again, how do you solve the crime scene called Nigeria?

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