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  • Owning a house is no achievement – Lady reacts as LAX buys new home
  • A Nigerian lady identified as @obidi on Twitter was blasted after she stated that owning a house is not an achievement, while reacting to singer LAX purchase of a new house.

    Owning a house is no achievement – Lady reacts as LAX buys new home

    In her tweet, Obidi wrote that it is high time people were reminded that it is no big deal to own a house of their own.

    She tweeted:

    “How do I tell my people that owning a home is not an achievement?”

    However, the post by Obidi seemed to have set a lot of people off as many were quick to caution and dismiss her submission.

    A Twitter user while challenging her take also noted that she should not tell people how to celebrate personal achievements that she was never a part of.

    He said:

    “Having a home of your own is one of the biggest achievements in a man’s life. The relief of living rent free, in your comfort zone. That said, let this be the last time you’re telling people how to celebrate an achievement you have zero contributions in. May God heal you.”

    Another Twitter user who challenged Obidi for her tweet said:

    “You actually don’t have any reason for this tweet. You’re just bitter. Owning your own home is a very big achievement. One of the biggest achievement any man/woman can be proud of.”

    Another user wrote:

    Did he buy the house with cowries and salt….hatred just full your head and the engagements this post gets show that a lot of Nigerians are haters. Never tell people around you your next moves….let them see the results themselves


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