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  • The Nigerian music industry has really grown beyond our expectations without any doubt.

    The growth has not only been felt in the quality of music but monetarily also.

    These successes have served as a catalyst for people, especially teenagers to join the industry.

    A couple of years ago, parents frowned at the idea of their children being called musicians and did everything possible to discourage them.

    However, parents have now outgrown that “Old School” way of thinking and have become quite supportive of their children in the art.

    It now feels like every house-hold has a musician, a producer, a manager or just someone in that line of the music business.

    Like in every business/industry, the Music industry also has its RULES and REGULATIONS

    READ below the main 5 reason I write this content and what UPCOMING NIGERIAN ARTISTES should avoid when heading for limelight. Ride with me in comfort zone 🥰


    Piercings and tattoos could be cool depending on the occasion and environment. For the established artist whose fame and influence is guaranteed, like that of Seyi Vibez, Ruger, Ayra Star, Tems etc. that is cool, but for the uncertain upcoming, it’s a mighty risk. It will either mar or make you; it’s best to wait and play safe especially in a society with second opinion about tattoos – always connoted as an expression of waywardness, and piercings as a detestable practice. It is sometimes given anti-social signatures, though things are gradually changing.

    It is not a curse but a lot of upcoming artists won’t make it to limelight so it would be wise to have a decent look for the corporate world just in case.


    This is the hub of every drama without which the industry will be boring.

    For an upcoming artist, publicity is good but like the popular saying first Impression matters.

    If you indulge in hard core publicity stunt, you must make sure you have the energy to finish what you started because this could affect your growing fan-base. Well-timed publicity stunts can be a good business strategy or a landslide to fame.

    Previous years, for instance started off with a lot of drama which many perceived to be publicity stunt. The dramas have been between Don Jazzy and Olamide, Davido and Burna Boy, Davolee and Black Bones inclusive Dremo, MI Abaga and Vector tha viper, Dammy Krane and Wizkid - Now TIWA SAVAGE.

    Publicity stunts for established artists have potentials of making headlines but it is a wrong path for an upcoming artist (unless you are Skiibii or Kabex of course).


    Lavish spending is not frowned at if you have the resources or back up plans, but for the struggling artiste, it is a no-go area. A lot of up-coming artistes trying or fighting to put up appearances in clubs or social gatherings end up in debts.

    Olamide in his popular hit single “Shakiti Bobo” said “you dey live flashy lifestyle but your mama dey soak akanmu”.

    Upcoming artists should invest more in the art before extravagant spending. The horse should come before the cart. Or you need me to loud it?


    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Except you’re planning to fail, who in this 21st century would drop out of school to pursue a music career? Some are lucky, but it has to be a snowball’s chance in hell for one out of 50-100 of such artists. Nas said it all “You wanna be my agent can’t read and write? Grown men – do whatever they wish, read more, learn more change the globe”. Or haven’t you heard that level changed from the “Only Mc with an MSC, so don’t be surprised when they jealous me, cos levels don change…- Naeto C”.

    If artistes like Davido, Naeto C and Naira Marley value education, then upcoming artists should think twice before dropping out of school.


    The African society has well demarcated spaces for elders and for children that is why they are quick to remind knuckleheads; “Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, him sef e no go sleep, at all”. Everything is both a step and a circle. Eminem in Obie Trice’s “When Sh*t Hits the Fan” seems to be offering a warning to the upcoming artist thus: “what you gonna do when shit hits the fan, are you going to stand and fight like a man, would be as hard as you say you are or you gonna run and meet your bodyguard?”

    Upcoming artists should channel their energies into their art rather than fighting established artists.

    Lemme Stop here and if there's anything else I'd like to discuss with you guys make we meet for next episode and if you got any questions you can DM me.

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