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  • Northern Nigeria Youth Organization (NNYO)Reacts: The Outlaw of Okada Riders or Operation in Lagos

    The recent activities of some unscrupulous elements among Okada operators in Lagos State, not acceptable by us and the good people of Lagos State.

    We, NNYO Condemned it in totality and we warn any riders of Northern extraction in Lagos State and beyond should play by the rules


    And most importantly, we call on Lagos State Government to temper justice with mercy on the said actions taken, it will not be of Good for now , since most of the *Youth* are yet to get alternative for daily earnings and also majority of middle Class and others depend on this as mobility to FasTrack their daily business and activities.

    If Lagos State must banned the activities of the riders, therefore well developed measures should be taken to Support security enforcement Agencies and using of modern technologies to tracks those that have wrong the rules of the state..


    We are deeply disappointed by all Unions Governing activities of Okada , they are of none significant in the state if they can not take Charge of their responsibilities and control their members, all they know best , were extortion and frustrating the riders in the name of organization.


    The LGA Governments , Okada Unions Leaders , Law enforcement Agencies officers and others should be call to order, because they also contribute to the abuse of the said Okada Operations..


    The Riders are ignorant of the law , most especially the Arewa Okada Riders, some of the time they becomes Victim of Circumstance due to lack of Sensitization and Enlightenment, to make the matter worse they have been used and dumped by politicians.


    Henceforth, Any person breaking the rules or law of the state should be brought to book and be punished.

    We will also like to partner and collaborate with the Government of the State to find lasting solutions to this mayhem. If given the opportunity by the Government..



    For: NNYO

    Comr. Danmuttaqa.

    Chairman, Northern Nigeria Youth Organization NNYO Lagos State Chapter./Southwest Zonal Coordinator..

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