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  • Please, my dear friends, don't throw away your used scratch cards again. Make sure you tear them to pieces or possibly get them burnt after usage. Thisis because criminals; armed robbers, assassins, terrorists, rapists etc have devised a new technique of escaping from the law.
    They now gather used scratch cards and take them to the scene of crime. After committing the crime, they drop the used scratch cards at the scene and run away. During investigations, the police will pick these used cards and trace the number that loaded it with its serial number and since your SIM is registered, it is easier to get at you. You automatically become a prime suspect. You are arrested, detained and tortured to "talk true" about what you knew nothing about.
    What assassins do is that they drop the used scratch card on the body of their murdered victim and take to their heels. At the end, an innocent person is arrested and beating to stupor for maintaining he is innocent.
    That is the situation on ground and I've it on good authority that some people are already gnashing their teeth at the kirikiri maximum prison for this used scratch card saga as investigations are going on.
    Stay away from trouble too, Dispose Used Recharge Card wisely. God bless!

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