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  • This afternoon the Emir of Fika and Chairman of Yobe state
    Council of Chiefs, Mohammed Abali Ibn
    Idrissa, were almost killed during a suicide bomber's attempt on there life this afternoon.
    The bomber - who had the explosives
    strapped to his body - tried to go closer to
    the chief after the Friday prayers at the
    Potiskum Central Mosque located at the
    Emir's palace but was stopped by a police
    aide to the Emir.
    Eyewitnesses told REPORTNAIJA that the suicide
    bomber then brought out a gun when he saw
    he was going to be prevented from reaching
    his target. However, the bomb exploded
    before he could make further progress,
    hurling parts of his body all over the place.
    3 people have been confirmed injured from
    the blast.
    Thank God their plans never work. Where is even safe in Nigeria.
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