A report in The Guardian says the controversial
new traffic bill prescribing 3 years jail term for
one-way traffic violators will be signed into law
tomorrow by Gov Fashola. Trying to be my
brother's keeper, I would like to share with you
some roads in Lagos that can take you directly
to jail as from Friday.

Since a new Shopping Mall accommodating
Shoprite was launched in Alausa, Ikeja, the
road that passes directly behind it is now a one-
way street. Policemen have been feeding fat on
people who had used that road for ages and are
unaware of this new development. When the
bill becomes law, heading in the wrong
direction on the road will send you to jail for
three years.

To new motorists or those visiting Lagos,
Somolu is filled with bosom-traps that can send
you to jail. One-way streets there are
numerous. But the ones that quickly come to
mind include Oyebajo Street. If you're coming
from Morocco Road, going to Ikorodu Road,
Oyebajo Street is to the right. With no visible
signs, this street is a one-way ticket to jail.

Again, when coming from Ikorodu Road,
heading to Igbobi College, there is another one-
way traffic street by Fadeyi Bus Stop via
Kalejaiye Street. It is the right turning before
the National Orthopaedic hospital. LASTMA
guys will usually not stay at the entry point to
warn you, but in the middle to apprehend you.
You will regain your freedom in three years!

Then the popular bridge linking Dopemu to
Egbeda is one-way traffic at a designated time of
each day. From 5am to 1159am you can cross
from Dopemu side to the Egbeda side without
any trouble. But if you are delayed and cannot
cross to Egbeda side before noon, make a quick
U-turn. If you still go ahead and cross to the
other side, LASTMA and the police will be
waiting for you with a Black Maria. Kiss your
freedom goodbye.

On the Yaba/Akoka axis, there are a few bosom-
traps, apart from the clear one-way traffic roads
with concrete medians. The one that leaps to
mind now is the major road from University
Junction that leads directly to UNILAG Gate.
This road is 95 percent two-way traffic. But
there is a 5 percent one-way traffic, where you
have to detour inside the community and burst
out a little further down the road. There is an
old, faded 'No Entry' sign, to warn motorists,
but many first timers miss it. They are joking
with three years jail term.

The service lane at Osodi coming from Mile
Two is presumably two-way traffic up to a little
after NAFDAC. The road forks into two, the
right links CAPPA/Mushin, while the left links
Osodi Oke. Motorists who want to drop
passengers at Osodi, but are too law-abiding to
do it on the Expressway, usually enter the
service lane, drop their passengers, drive past
NAFDAC and at the fork, bear left to link Osodi
Oke, onward to Oworonsoki or Maryland, as
the case maybe. But any day some LASTMA
officials are broke, they usually stay on top of
Osodi Oke bridge and monitor those climbing
the bridge at the fork. They then pounce on
them, accusing them of one-way traffic
violation. If you are unlucky to pass that route
on one of such days, you will be writing a
prison memoir soon, or you offer to pay for the
school fees of the children of the 'hardworking'
LASTMA guys who apprehend you. Which
would it be?

Then, from the past few months, motorists
coming from Toll Gate by 7 Up, and attempting
to link Oregun can no longer drive straight into
Ikosi Road by Union Bank. Entry has been
barred even though there is no single sign to
that effect yet. In lieu of that, there are traffic
cones placed there to guide motorists. In all
fairness, there are sometimes some honest
LASTMA guys at the intersection to guide
confused motorists how they can access Ikosi
via Lever Brothers. But often times, on duty are
the crooked ones who see an opportunity to
make money. When a LAWMA truck or other
government vehicles exempted from traffic
laws blow these cones away, motorists coming
afterwards inadvertently drive into Ikosi at the
intersection and are slammed by LASTMA and
gun-toting policemen. You are in serious

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