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  • Electricity Union Assures Nigerians Of Stable Power Supply
  • Aminat Ibrahim, the President of Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies, on Friday assured Nigerians of improved power supply after the ongoing project s are completed.

    Ibrahim told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that there were many projects initiated by the present administration that would improve the supply of power.

    She said the present service charge by PHCN was not high compared to what was obtainable in other parts of the world, adding that the service charge was just for 15 days.

    Ibrahim said, “We bill for only 15 days because we know that Nigerians do not use light for 24hrs in a day.

    “The high rate Nigerians are complaining about is not true, if you look at our rate in billing.

    “We bill people for 15 days because we know that people don’t use light for 24 hrs in a day.

    “If we look at the intention of privatisation, we will see that it is a good one and we are trying to see how we can service the nation for 24 hours.

    “We know it will take time but Nigerians want that to happen immediately.

    “There is a lot of investment that is going on now that by the time all the projects are concluded you will see a positive change in the electricity situation.”

    She expressed belief that the incoming administration would look into the sector and explore various ways that the problem of power supply can be improved upon in the country.

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