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  • Police kill dog who attacked husband when it mistook rough sex for attack on wife
  • A pit bull was shot dead by police officers after it began attacking a husband who it thought was assaulting his wife - but she claims they were just having 'rough sex'.
    Diane Manning says the dog was simply mistaken when it attacked her husband James, 31, at their home in New Jersey.
    Police claim however that they were responding to a report of a woman screaming that she was being raped.When officers arrived at the home, the couple's agitated dog Lily attacked them - with police responding by shooting it dead.But in an interview with The Jersey Journal, Diane said that there was no attack on her.She added:

    "We were having sex in the bed, a little rough, when my dog got agitated and jumped on the bed and attacked him.She thought he was hurting me and I was telling the dog to get off him and I was screaming and that made dog more agitated.When [police] came in there were so many of them. They shot my dog while she was on top of my husband. He never told the dog to attack the police.I kept saying, 'This is my husband please don't shoot us'.... I was telling them 'Help me get the dog off him.'"
    She claims that at no point did she scream that she was being raped.
    "All I saw was the white flash of the bullet,"
    UK Mirror

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