"Sex Slaves"; Nigerian Prostitutes And Their Horrific Tales Of "Better Lives" In Europe. (Photos)

Thousands of Nigerian women are being trafficked to Europe to become sex slaves, many with the help of voodoo witchdoctors. Their new life in Europe means 10 to 12 hours a day of cars and customers, being forced to exhibit themselves in their underwear on the side of the road. If they refuse they face a brutal punishment, with one girl being forced to drink hydrochloric acid.In their desperation to break the hold over the girls, many of which are sent on the migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean, the Italians have even resorted to get Catholic priests to perform exorcisms on them to break the voodoo spell which experts believe is psychological.

Read a report from Daily Mail;

A Catholic priest stands over the forlorn figure of a young Nigerian girl, murmuring prayers and sprinkling holy water as she sobs. Favour, a 19-year-old, is constantly scratching, her skin is red raw in places. She believes there is a nest of insects living inside her body- and that they will kill her.
The priest is attempting to break a powerful voodoo spell that binds her to her 'madam' in Trieste, near the border with Slovenia, for the next five to eight years.
Favour, one of thousands of Nigerian women trafficked to Europe to become sex slaves every year, has been told she owes her female pimp €80,000 for her journey. This will take around 4,000 clients each paying as little as €10 or €20 to pay off.
Although the chains tying her to her madam are only psychological, they are extremely powerful.

There are estimated to be 25,000 Nigerian girls working as prostitutes in Italy and the numbers arriving rose 300 per cent in 2014, experts say. 
Back in Nigeria a witchdoctor had performed a powerful voodoo spell to bring luck for the girl’s journey, she told Italian aid workers. After leaving her village in the Edo State, with the promise of a job as a hairdresser in Italy, she was taken to a shrine in Benin City.

There, in a terrifying ritual she was made to undress – they cut her pubic hair and toenails and made her swear over the blood of a chicken that she would never betray her benefactor.

Like many others for whom the promised job as a hairdresser did not materialise. Favour believes nevertheless that she has to pay off the debt or face terrible repercussions.
Many of the girls have travelled with a lucky charm - a small package that has been prepared and serves as a concrete expression of the agreement. As well as nail clippings and hair it may contain underwear with remains of menstrual blood.
Other common objects are kola nuts,13 bent pieces of metal and soap to symbolise loyalty, the power of the Ogun deity (important for travel) and beauty.

For the other estimated 25,000 Nigerian prostitutes working in Italy the complex combination of blackmail gifts, favours and threats overwhelms the desire to escape their captors.
Around 40 per cent of all prostitutes in Italy are Nigerian. The figure has soared as the ongoing chaos in Libya allows trafficking gangs bringing migrants by boats from Africa free reign.