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  • Amber Rose under fire for teaching her son the word 'Conversate'
  • Amber Rose has been teaching her 2-year-old son Sebastian some English vocabulary. Now her son's vocabulary  includes the word "conversate," thanks to Amber

    Amber proudly posted her lesson on Instagram, then removed it after some criticism from trolls.
    She asked him " Hey Sebastian, what's the new word we learned this week?" He said "Conversate". Then she asked him what it meant and he said "To engage in conversation".

    Trolls came for her, telling her how bad she was to teach her son wrong grammar.

    Amber was pissed at all the criticism on social media, telling friends she knows "conversate" is a slang, but here's the thing, people speak slang! So she says, what, people aren't supposed to teach kids words like "fleek," "turnt," etc?

    Sebastian's actually very intelligent, he can already name the planets and identify types of dinosaurs.
    So she is doing a good job teaching her son.

    She has since taken down the video from her IG page.

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