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  • Daughters inherit $20 Million with strings attached
  • When their father died, Victoria (left) and Marlena Laboz (middle) inherited $20 million - but that money comes with conditions. A Manhattan millionaire left a generous fortune to his daughters in his will, but the money comes with strings.

    Maurice Laboz, owner of real estate management firm Regal Real Estate, died earlier this year and left his two daughters, Marlena, 21, and Victoria, 17, $10 million each (his entire estate was worth $37 million). And while the money is supposed to roll in when each girl turns 35, Maurice set up conditions for the payouts to start earlier.

    For example, Marlena can receive half a million when she gets married, “but only if her husband signs a sworn statement promising to keep his hands off the cash,”.
    She’ll also receive a lump sum of $750,000 for graduating from an accredited university, and writing a paragraph about what she intends to do with the money. Both daughters will receive 3 times the income listed on their personal tax returns if they earn a good living by 2020, and if they have kids and don’t work a traditional job, they’ll earn 3 percent of the value of their trust every year.
    That is, so long as the child is “born in wedlock.”
    Laboz’s will is already being contested by his wife, Ewa, who he was in the process of divorcing and to whom he left nothing. Laboz left the rest of his fortune to charity.
    Source: New York Post

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