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  • For N500 bet, a barber killed himself with 20 sachets of gin
  • A middle-aged man, Chucks from Imo State, has died after consuming 20 sachets of gin in a N500 bet with a woman.
    The deceased, said to be a barber, left behind a wife and a child.
    The incident happened when he went to buy his usual brand of gin from a nearby local shop situated within the area.
    All would have still been fine if he didn’t go ahead to boast to the shop owner that he could finish 20 sachets of the drink at a go.
    This was said to have led to an argument between the deceased, the shop owner and other customers in the shop, followed by a deposition of N500 to prove he wasn’t boasting emptily.
    The shop owner also placed her own N500 in a bet.
    The deceased was then provided with the sachet drinks for consumption which he successfully consumed and carted away with the bet money.
    The deceased was said to have left his barbing salon earlier that day to his house when he started feeling some pains in his stomach and asked his wife to put on their sitting room ceiling fan and sat directly beneath it.
    When his condition got worse, his wife asked him what the problem was, and the deceased reportedly told his wife he was okay, but just needed rest.
    He would however, pass away from there.

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