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  • Kanye West Reportedly Making Plans For Him And His Family To Be Resurrected After They Die
  • Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and North West attend the Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week
    What won't Kanye West do! 
    Sources are now reporting to Daily Star that Kanye West wants his, Kim's and his children's bodies frozen when they die. The source says that "Kanye wants all four of them to live forever and he insists he is doing it for the sake of mankind."
    Follow the jump to see why he is doing it, and who he wishes joined him in freezing their bodies before they died:

    The source is saying that "Kanye's view is that his creative genius is so rare that it is important he stays around on Earth for ever." In addition to that, the source also says that Kanye is  upset that legendary names such as Mozart and Shakespeare didn't do the same, as he would have liked to "hang out" with them.
    He also wants Kim to join in freezing her body because he believes that her beauty is too much for the world to live without. In the words of the source's mouth: "He says Kim is the most perfect female specimen God ever created and the world should not be robbed of her beauty."
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    According to the newspaper, Kanye has gone so far as to check out US body freezer specialists the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, who offer to preserve a body for £150,000 (N46.4 Million). His brain alone could reportedly be preserved for £65,000 (N20.1 Million).
    According to Alcor Life Extension Foundation's website: "Cryonics is an experimental procedure that preserves a human being using the best available technology for the purpose of saving his/her life. We believe medical technology will advance further in coming decades than it has in the past several centuries, enabling it to heal damage at the cellular and molecular levels and to restore full physical and mental health."
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