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  • Photos: Man strays into NUJ office, says he's tired of life and wants to die
  • Article sent to me by Chris Isiguzo, the VP of Nigerian Union of Journalist, South East. Read below..
    A 45- year old man, Idris Ahmed, from Bassa Local Government of Kogi state strayed into the NUJ Press Centre, Enugu state, Wednesday afternoon with a funny story that bothers on spiritual attack. He obviously has given up on life and is contemplating suicide if nothing urgently is done to his case. According to his story, since 1999, anybody that comes across him had rejected him with the phantom story that he is a homo-sexual which he clearly denied.

    ‘As far as am concerned, am tired of life. Anybody that tries to be nice to you, or tries to give me work, unseen people will come and sabotage me. If I make friend with a girl, unseen forces will still corner the girl that am a homo-sexual and the girl will run away. At this point, am 45 years and nobody is ready to marry me. Am a bricklayer but as i speak, no work anywhere. Am tired of life, i cannot get job, i cannot stay with a woman, i cannot relate with anybody. There is no way out for me than to cry out and see if i will get any spiritual help, though am a moslem but am ready for any assistance from anywhere but if none comes soonest, then i have the last option. His number is

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