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  • Tensions High After The Death Of Sandra Bland In Texas Jail
  • Racial dicotomy and the issues of black-white relations as well as Police brutality have been discussed this year more than ever before. With numerous incidences of unarmed black men shot by Policemen in various cases of excessive use of force, another such case has hit the front burner.

    On July 13, a twenty eight year old woman, Sandra Bland, was reported to have hung herself in a Texas jail cell. Following the release of a video where she was arrested at a traffic stop for assaulting a Police officer, analysts say that the video itself shows there was no basis for her arrest.

    She was stopped for failing to signal with her taillights before making a turn. The arresting officer has been placed on administrative leave.

    Although the police reports that she hung herself in her cell, her death is being treated as a murder as all deaths in jail cells are. However, her family have indicated they intend to go ahead with an independent autopsy.

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