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  • Cecil the Lion fundraiser led by Jimmy Kimmel surpasses $150k

  • Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel who got very emotional about the death of Cecil the Lion made a heartfelt plea for his viewers to donate to Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, who were studying Cecil via a GPS collar, in order to "show the world that not all Americans are like this jack****." He meant the Dentist of course.
    “If you want to make this into a positive, you can,” he said, before choking up. “Make a donation. Support them. At the very least maybe we can show the world that not all Americans are like this jack****.”
    Crying over a lion's death. I never saw him cry over an unarmed black man shot by a racist cop.

    The charity's director, David McDonald, confirmed that the plea brought 2,600 donations in the first 24 hours, with the amount of money raised totaling over $150,000 and still growing.
     “People are telling us that they are copying our appeal to all their mailing lists and contacts — this is wonderful, thank you: for an organisation that depends on philanthropy we are deeply grateful for this support, it will be a wonderful monument to Cecil the Lion if we are empowered by these donation to continue and to increase our conservation work. The email deluge is overwhelming us, so we cannot reply individually, but we thank you sincerely.”

    Source: The Wrap

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