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  • 10 Security Tips For University Students
  • This tips is not mainly for School students but for all who wish to have more security
    Let's keep the ball rolling.

    1. Restrict friends from entering your room at their will.
    The more you allow them,the more they are attracted to one property of yours and they would get a plan to steal it.

    2.Your spare key location.
    It should be known to you and you alone. Or to a trusted friend that doesn't know your house address to avoid had I known.

    3. Do not keep late Night.
    One should not keep late night at all times cos at least your presence at home would give the bandits a little though time before they attempt any operation

    4. Your movement schedule should be changed regularly.
    For security reasons your should be known to you only and should be changed at all times to prevent banditals from predicting your current location and activity.

    5. Drinking and having fun with fun with friends at bar and close joints close to the your house would give bandits the opportunity to monitor and pass live and direct information about your activity.

    6. Your Important items should always be locked in a safe and not to be left lying around. If they break in,breaking into your locked safe would be another unplanned task.

    7. If you must stay out late at Night remain hidden.

    For some reasons one have to stay out late either vigil,night class,party
    But note staying hidden,or less noticed would secure you at times

    8. When going out leave your sound system on and low to leave bandits in doubts if you are in or not.

    9.When leaving the hostel note those around so you can have someone to help you with information.

    10.Feel free to add yours

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