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  • 6 Types of Guys That'll Forgive a Cheating Girlfriend
  • Pre-marital relationships in Nigeria have undergone a series of evolution within the last few decades and with the likes of Telemundo, Telenovela and other foreign romantic proses importing various ideas into the system (be it myth, real or fantasy), there's no telling how awkward things may get in a few decades ahead.

    "Cheating" (a slang used to connote infidelity in marriages, relationships and partnerships) is one of the most intolerable offences in relationships which oftentime leads to a break up.

    However, we hear of cases where a partner is caught cheating but gets forgiven. Is this weird or something?

    Well, speaking from a Male perspective, guys HARDLY forgive a cheating girlfriend.

    The worst thing you can lose in a guy is his trust.

    Once the trust goes out of the door, love, care and every other bond you both had will leave through the window. (it could be immediately, it could be gradual, but it eventually does)

    Nevertheless, there are guys who wouldn't mind keeping their girl despite catching them red-handed and their categories could be stated as follows:

    1.) The Low Self-Esteem Guys:

    These kind of guys simply think they can't find anyone better or that no one else would be willing to accept him like she did so they'd rather stick around and 'manage' her like that.

    These type piss me off!

    They are usually ugly, broke, lazy, dull and have no potential at all.

    2.) The Vengeful Guys:

    Oh boy, these ones no get joy at all oh. Once they discover you've been shining other guys kondo behind their backs, they simple delete whatever love they feel for you and will keep crushing your honeypot until they just get tired and dump you outrightly. The after-effect is usually very bad on the lady and could immediately destroy her worth especially if he has pounded her many times, publicizes it and tells his pals how awful you stink down there!

    Damn! Hard guys!

    3.) The Freestyle Guys:

    These ones don't love you. They are almost like the 'hard guys' stated above but they simply don't give a cockroach egg what you do with your honeypot. All they care about it "chop make I chop, no be me own your stuff".

    In most cases, they were even cheating on you with someone else before finding out about yours so they won't even feel it.

    They'll simply join the long chain of guys out there and destroy your onions, and when they feel your services are no longer required, you know what's next.

    4.)The "I am a Gentleman" or the "Jesus" Guys:

    These kind of guys can pretend for Africa!

    Jeez! I really hate people like this.
    They first feel inferior to the guy she's cheating on them with and when she begs for forgiveness, they make her believe he loves her better than the other guy possibly can.

    It is usually common with guys who haven't tasted the honeypot before catching her red-handed so they wouldn't wanna lose all the money they've spent on her and try to keep her so he'll try to get under her skirt to get back all he invested on her.

    A common statement they tend to say is "You know I'll always treat you like an angel that you are."

    Green snakes!

    5.)The 'Yakub' Guys

    Hehehehe relating to one thread that sprung up earlier, these type of guys are even unsure of their place in the girl's life (whether the true man or just a tool used to kill boredom). So, like the low self-esteem guys, they'll just hang on and try to decipher what you're up to, come to Nairaland to ask for advice and....... just hang on sha.

    They don't know whether to end it or continue. They're just there.

    6.)The Truly Loving Guys:

    Mehn, this ones are extremely rare!

    I salute their "love" oh.

    They have what every Lady wants in a man yet they choose to give this cheating lady another chance.

    Mind you, their trust becomes very fragile and any seed of doubt planted once again would result to a garden of heartbreak for the lady.

    They may have tasted the honeypot a thousand times but they're never tired of the love they have for the lady and they don't cheat.

    This type give just one chance, nothing more.

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