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  • Coco Austin puts her baby bump on display says she has only added 10 pounds since her pregnancy

  • Pregnant Coco Austin who is 36 weeks pregnant put her baby bump on display. She talked about how well her pregnancy is going and how she has only added 10 pounds so far. She said:

    "Here's another 9 month baby bump pic! I'm really glad about all the choices I've made so far while pregnant.. I've eaten really heathly.. A lot of watermelon and frozen yogurt! I've only gained 10 pounds but was fit before pregnancy.. tight abs proved to keep my tummy from getting super big even though I really didn't care how big I got I was totally ready for this rollercoaster ride even if I gained 100 pounds I was mentally ready. Yoga, Pilates & walking on treadmill were great during this time because its not strenuous. Chanel is the average weight for a girl at #36weeks estimating somewhere in the 5 pound range and still have 4 weeks to go!.."
    Another photo after the cut...

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