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  • Herd Of Cows Run Into A Luxurious Bus Along Ilesa-Ibadan (Pictures)

  • This happened around 10am today along Ilesa-Ibadan expressway. A herd of cow ran into a luxurious bus full with passengers probably heading to Lagos, a major disaster that would have led to the loss of many lives was averted thanks to God and the professionalism of the luxurious bus driver. However 11 of the cows loss their lives.

    As at the time I got there (on transit to Ibadan) the luxurious bus (said to be badly dented) has been moved to the nearby police station, because the driver is said to be claiming damages from the fulani herdsmen.

    I actually stopped thinking that they will sell the cow meats (at cheap price) before they get bad, but since the case is still in police station I had to leave.

    Thank God for those lives that were delivered from death and RIP to the dead cows.

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