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  • School boys from Sudan & Somalia kicked out of Apple store in Australia for fear "they might steal something
  • Racial profiling. Six black teenagers of Maribyrong High School were told to leave an Apple store in Melbourne, Australia because of staff's fear they "might steal something".
         "Simply Racism, made them apologise though" one of the boys, Francis Ose captioned the video he shared on Facebook on Tuesday, November 10. The video shows the boys being denied entry to the store by a staff member and two security guards.

         "These guys [security guards] are just a bit worried about your presence in our store. They’re just worried you might steal something," the Apple staff member said in the video.
    One of the boys replied: "Why would we steal something?"
    According to reports, Apple later apologised to the six schoolboys. The principal of their school accompanied the students back to the store to help them in seeking an apology. 
         "The manager apologised to us and told us that we are welcome here anytime," one of the teenager said. "It feels like we have justice now."
    The video of the incident has been viewed more than 107,815 times on Facebook and shared 1,881 times. Watch here

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