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  • The bridge linking Igando to Ipaja Ayobo
  • I am more concerned about the state of the bridge. It doesn't look safe to walk on. Since this is a metropolitan city, can't the state government build something more adequate? Anyway, to the reason why this is here today. A reader says people who cross the bridge are being exploited by the person who built it and wants the Lagos state government to intervene. What he wrote after the cut...

    He wrote;
    This is the road linking Igando to Ipaja Ayobo in Lagos state. For so many years the owner of this pako has been extorting poor citizens with it. Each passage on this road cost #30 per pass and when coming back the same amount. If you use the road 50 times a day you'll pay #30 for 50 times. Please we need Lagos state to intervene in this situation. Can't Lagos state build a proper bridge for the citizens here for free? Why do we have to suffer in our own state to have access to a road?

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