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  • The Game slams Billboard,releases his own 'Top 10 greatest rappers of all time list"
  • The Game is having none of Billboard  Top 10 greatest rappers of all time list..He marked their's X and released his list.He wrote

    #Billboard smokin crack wit that bullshit ass list !!! I had to correct y'all careless mistakes & service hip hop right... & understand this shit right here: DON'T YOU EVER AS LONG AS YOU WALK GOD'S GREEN EARTH MAKE A HIP HOP LIST WITHOUT 2PAC, @SNOOPDOGG OR @ICECUBE IN IT !!!!!! Fuck wrong wit you fuck ass people ?!?!?!?!? #FuckBillboardsList
    (He continued)

    y'all trippin on the order of this bullshit & bitch where the fuck 2Pac & Ice Cube ??? & I guess Lauren Hill can out rap @SnoopDogg right ? Y'all out y'all mothafuckin' mind !!! & just disrespect LL Cool J & KRS ONE huh ??? (Now I'm bout to roll my blunt to "Doggystyle" jump on my tour bus & zone out to "All Eyes On Me", followed by "Makaveli" & "Death Certificate" & take me a fuckin nap on this bullshit..... then wake up & read the comments while a bunch of non hip hop educated fuck boys argue below... #FuckYallList

    1. 2pac & B.I.G
    2. Nas
    3. Rakim
    4. Eminem
    5. Jay-Z
    6. Ice Cube
    7. Snoop Dogg
    8. Andre 3000
    9. Jadakiss
    10. Big L & FUCK YO OPINION !!!!!!!!!

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